Monday, October 31, 2016

eLearning Coffee Breaks - Episode 1

Wondering if you could make those workplace coffee breaks productive yet fun? Well, we have got something for you. Starting today, we are launching a short video series - eLearning Coffee Breaks featuring Raptivity product expert, Jamaica Glenn. 

Each video in this series will feature a quick tip to make your eLearning life easier and smarter. So what are you waiting for? Tune in to our first Episode below and let us know if you knew of this Raptivity tip already and if not, how are you going to use it now onwards.

Happy eLearning!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Upcoming Webinar - Raptivity Tips & Tricks

Did you know Raptivity could be used very effectively in live training sessions, or that Raptivity interactions could be easily mapped to popular instructional design theories? Or rather, did you have an idea that Raptivity can let you create interactions in multiple languages in just a few clicks?

If you’ve been an ardent Raptivity user, you must have already explored some of the above mentioned tricks and features that can help optimize the interactivity creation process, and even discovered some really novel ways to use the tool. But if you haven’t, then here is your chance to discover those little things that can go a long way.

Team Raptivity is presenting an exclusive complimentary session to take you through the ins and outs of the software, on November 10, at 10 am PST. You may register here for this webinar to discover Raptivity’s unique capabilities and hear some of our product experts share their favorite tips and time saving tricks. Here is a sneak peek into a few interesting topics that will be covered in the session; a mix of useful features and creative instructional usage ideas:

                    Using Raptivity in Live Trainings
                    Game based learning with Raptivity
                    Using Interactivities as Ice Breakers
                    Mapping interactions to instructional design theories
                    Creating interactions in multiple languages
Join us for this and much more. Be inspired to do more with Raptivity.  

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Gamifying The Compliance Story

With all training, it is important to identify the desired outcome. With compliance training, the buy-in from senior management, from the trainers, and the employees is key. For some, it may be a "check the box" that it is done. This attitude can come from managers and push downward. But, what if it is true? Perhaps the compliance training is to meet an outmoded regulation. A third-party contract requires Acme's employees to train how to troubleshoot the XLT-4000. The paradox is that the machine was removed from the building 18 months ago and replaced with the 3PX-izler. To meet the contract, the training continues. Let the eye rolling begin. 

If you have experienced that frustration in your training development, consider combining that training with a much-needed module. Acme's employees may not need the required training on the XLT-4000 machine, but they do need fire-safety training on exiting a building via the stairwell, not the elevator. Things just got interesting! What if the XLT-4000 was on the third-floor and in the troubleshooting process of checking the cord, flames shot out of the electrical outlet. The curtains caught on fire and the windows shattered causing the flames to explode. Now get out of the building safely. Bet your check-the-box folks didn't expect that! They may never forget that training. And, you met compliance and saved lives. Pretty good life, right? You and Batman are like this (fingers crossed tightly). 

Guess what? 

You've just been gamified. 

Gamification doesn't need to be in-person to award prizes or online to provide leaderboards. It doesn't need an elaborate quest--um, storyline. Although it would be nice to develop (along with the magnificent budget), gamification can be quite simple. It's a story. It's a what-happens-next discussion. It is time immemorial. 

Have you ever thought why fairy tales have a rather grim side? The stories had to be palatable to many ages and interests. There wasn't a storyteller in every room. Moreover, in some stories, there had to be a very tough warning to children to behave. Enter, the big bad wolf, the snake, the witch. Our campfires may be the backlight of our smartphones, but we are all listening and participating in stories. 

Susan Wines
eLearning Specialist, Thomson Reuters