Friday, June 24, 2016

Podcast - Todd Kasenberg shares why he is excited about creating MicroLearning using Raptivity

The series of podcast continues as we interview Todd Kasenberg this time who has been using Raptivity over five years and is also an interactive learning thought leader. Todd is the Principal at Guiding Star Communications and Consulting, providing insights to organizations about their performance challenges, employee engagement and enhancing customer experience.  

In this podcast, Todd shares his Raptivity experience and its vital role in delivering Microlearning. Raptivity packages those essential elements, which keeps the user engaged through its interactions. He also shares that Raptivity is an extremely easy to use tool for a non-coder who does not have a technical background in developing courses. 

We are happy to know Todd leverages Raptivity features in Microlearning at Guiding Star Communications and Consulting. Hear the podcast to find out more about his experience with Raptivity. Listen now. We would love to share your experience with Raptivity, and please feel free to write to us at

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