Monday, May 23, 2016

Podcast - Mahesh Mutalik shares his Customer Success Experience with Raptivity

Our earlier podcast with Chandra Clarke was appreciated by many of our listeners. As we continue to celebrate our 10 years of customer success, we bring our next podcast in series for all of you. 

This time, we have Mr. Mahesh Mutalik, Co-Founder and CEO, Vatsa Solutions, sharing his experience and success with Raptivity in a very short time frame. 

To get started Mahesh, can you tell us a bit about your organization and about your role?
  • [Mahesh] Vatsa Solutions is into custom software development. Vatsa has been in the industry for more than seven years now and we enable customers to define and design their ideas into the products. In addition, we help our customers to solve their product related problems with the biggest technologies available in the market like Microsoft, Java and Enterprise Mobility. Furthermore, we work with them as a technology partner where we help them to define the technology roadmap and we ensure to stay with them till the end of the roadmap. 

How did you come across Raptivity?
  • [Mahesh] While working with various customers, we developed our own products which are into education domain, one is school ERP and other is franchise management system. While deploying these products at the biggest locations, we received enquiries about content development for students and to the overall school as well as the after school activity organizations. However, as we catered to software development, we always said no to such customers. Last year, while I was in the UK and after that in Dubai, I came across couple of big opportunities where University of London and the University of Dubai asked us to provide overall umbrella of content development services. In addition, along with content, they also asked us to develop their LMS as well. This new requirement created an interest in overall in content development area and that is how it triggered. Once back from my business trip, we decided to explore, and at the same time, we came across our friend from Harbinger who suggested to use Raptivity for such kind of quick development and to provide content services to the customer. This is how we came across Raptivity and we are happy to use it for all our content development. 

That was interesting to hear. I would like to know how Raptivity helps you in achieving your business objectives.
  • [Mahesh] One thing, which is very straightforward as I mentioned as we started our own separate content division that is called as strategic business unit which has a dedicated team having their own sales people and their target is to take care of the content required by the customer. However, we are here by the skill of customer software development and we are in competition with so many companies having similar set of services in the market. To make our proposals unique, we started using Raptivity and we started using our thought process in creating interactive proposals. Our customers are delighted when they receive the proposal that is nicely designed including their scope. It passes on the kind of thought process we have about their problems and shows how we are going to solve it.  

Is there any interesting feedback you want to share with Raptivity?
  • [Mahesh] Yes, as I mentioned, all our proposals are unique now and other companies are simply sending their word documents requesting with an interactive solution. A direct feedback that we got from one of our UK customers was that we delivered a Pilot to them within 24 hours because of Raptivity. They provided a sample to see our capabilities and to know how quickly we can deliver. The client really got amazed with the quality and the kind of response we provided to them and ultimately we gained that project which was a big contract. 

It is good to know that Raptivity is helping you to achieve such feedback from Client. I would like to know Mahesh, what is the ROI from Raptivity that started a year ago.    
  • [Mahesh] The ROI on Raptivity is quite efficient. Our trainees and teams were trained in very  sessions, a big asset for any company. Zero Support is required since the tool is very simple and easy to use and the overall internal turnaround is very fast.

Great, are there any key features about Raptivity that you appreciate the most?

  • [Mahesh] Yes, the availability of various templates and that to be of various types is a big feature we use. Moreover, the overall simplicity of the tool and templates with easy to use functionality is an innovation-driving factor at Vatsa Solution. Furthermore, the most interesting part is the Gamification feature, which is liked by most of the customers. 
Thank you so much for sharing your insights with us today, have a nice day. 

If you would like to hear the podcast here is the link

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