Monday, May 9, 2016

E-Learning Interaction Building Tools Comparison

An eLearning course looks incomplete without interactions. No one likes to take a boring page turner course. Interactions help in making the course engaging and collaborative. They foster active learning through a meaningful interchange between the course and learners.

We are excited to bring out the first ever eLearning Interaction Building Tools Comparison. We have compared Raptivity, eLearning Brothers, Articulate Engage '13, Articulate Storyline 2 and Adobe Captivate 9 on various parameters that are vital to create, integrate and deploy eLearning interactions. It is important to note that Adobe Captivate 9 and Articulate Storyline 2 are evaluated purely for the interaction templates supported by these tools and not for their course authoring capabilities.

We compiled this comparison after getting inputs from several Instructional Designers and eLearning course developers. The major parameters of evaluation are as follows: variety of interactions, question types supported, multimedia support, font and languages support, publishing and integration support, user experience and tech support.

We are confident that this comparison sheet will be a boon for eLearning course creators and Instructional Designers in choosing the right interaction building tool. Here is the detailed comparison for you. Click on the image for its enlarged view.

And here is a short summary of various tools:
-    Raptivity offers widest variety of interactions and question templates and a good amount of flexibility to customize templates.
-    eLearning Brothers is a simple online tool but with limited multimedia utility.
-    If you are looking to create a limited variety of media-rich interactions, Articulate Engage is the tool to opt for.
-    Articulate Storylines gives you the highest flexibility and multimedia support. But with flexibility comes complexity too.
-    Adobe Captivate interactions offer fair multimedia support and it offers responsive design too.
-    Both Raptivity and eLearning Brothers interactions can be integrated with various authoring tools and offer real-time preview of how each change is going to look in the output.

Each tool has its own strengths and weaknesses. You need to consider which features are important for your requirements/projects before selecting a tool. It’s also important to check availability of tech-support, so you won’t struggle in critical project times and are able to provide learners with the best eLearning experience.  

Click here to get a complimentary Excel Sheet copy of this eLearning Interaction Building Tools Comparison.

Interested to try out Raptivity for your interaction building needs? Take a 14 day Free Trial and let us know of your experiences. We would also love to hear your experiences with other tools.

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