Thursday, January 14, 2016

Vision 2016 - An Interview with Desiree Pinder's interview in the Vision 2016 series is with Desiree Pinder, Executive Director, Artisan E-Learning . She helps companies as diverse as government agencies, non-profits, medium-sized businesses, and Fortune 500 corporations, to get up and running with e-learning initiatives.

Below are excerpts from the interview:

What are some key eLearning trends that you think would surface, or pick pace, in 2016?
[Desiree] Courses that work seamlessly on all platforms (especially on mobile devices) is very important and a must have form and my clients.  In the past, I’ve seen very specific requests for iPad, but Android is becoming more important (to the point that clients are asking for both…ALL…now). 

Each year I give a presentation to my local ATD chapter where I try to “predict” trends.  This year was a bit of an anomaly. Instead of predicting, I shared my hope and dream. In the past couple of years, e-learning development tools are coming out with ways to help us make courses work more seamlessly on all platforms.  My hope and dream is that this trend will continue.  HTML5 makes my life easier, so I’m hoping we’ll see more options for HTML5/mobile publish.  We saw an increase in more of tools being available for making mobile publishing easier in 2015, and I hope that this trend continues in 2016.

Micro-learning is being talked about everywhere. How important or unimportant is it going to be in 2016?
[Desiree] I can see how this could be very beneficial to have shorter courses, but our clients aren’t asking for it…or say “no thank you” when we give it as an option when discussing what they want/need.  Many of the courses I develop fall in the 20-minute timeframe (or slightly less).  My clients want to get more information out than just a 5-minute clip would contain, and they are concerned that people won’t log in several times to get that information. 

On the other hand, all of our courses do allow someone to stop in the middle if they need to leave and come back and pick up exactly where they left off.

Interactive eLearning – how would that look like in 2016?
[Desiree] I have spent a lot of time at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center as a tourist and a mother of a boy who is determined to be a rocket scientist. Their programs give me a great look into the future of what e-learning could be. They have robots, interactive training tools which use your body language to do whatever an astronaut would need to do to survive wherever she is. You want me to go on a space walk to save the world? No problem…I’ve done it!  :)

Along with this, I’m seeing virtual and augmented reality closer than ever before with the release of new technology using cell phones as the center of the VR and AR experience (such as SpaceVR and Samsung Gear VR 2015 Virtual Reality Headset).  Even Facebook has entered the scene with its purchase of Oculus Virtual-Reality Company.

While I am thrilled with the possibilities and interactivities I see from these learning experiences, I think this year will be a year of making mobile experiences better, building courses that are instructionally sound, have  engaging graphics, and maintain the same type of interactivity we have seen in the past years. However, I have no idea where all of this will take us in 2017 and beyond.  What I do know is that I’m watching this technology very closely, and I am poised to jump into the arena at the first chance I get!

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