Thursday, January 7, 2016

Vision 2016 - An Interview with Anne Mills

Today's interview in the Vision 2016 series is with Anne Mills, Director/Developer, Learning Solutions. Anne is a graphic designer whose skills have enabled her to produce appealing learning objects and engaging online learning experiences. Anne has created a range of learning and training courses for clients as small as a hospitality college in India, to industry giants like the Linfox Group in Australia.

Below are excerpts from the interview:

What are some positive changes that you would like to see in the eLearning industry as a whole?
Our industry is often perceived as technical rather than offering personal development and creative learning solutions.  Hopefully, as more people see good examples and understand the potential of eLearning there will be growth in respect as well as deeper adoption.
Reaching greater numbers of traditional teaching and learning professionals, without them feeling threatened by the means to improve their delivery of information, would be a good positive change that we must all work towards.

Micro-learning is being talked about everywhere. How important or unimportant is it going to be in 2016?
Micro-learning is a current term that refers to what has been developing over some years.  As online learning has been produced, it has been noted that concise segments of information with interaction that are easily accessed and absorbed make for better learning and training.
Our principal at Learning Solutions, Caryl Oliver, pioneered mobile learning on PDAs in the early 2000s –technology as well as the student users meant that very small lessons were constructed.  Feedback from learners was incredibly positive and set us on a course of strongly recommending clients to use small bites of information that can be picked up easily and quickly by learners.
A positive buzz is healthy for our industry, and 2016 opens the possibility that many people currently outside or unaware of the huge potential for online learning will want to know more about it and begin to think about how it can be used in a multitude of situations.

What are some challenges that your domain anticipates in the context of eLearning development and delivery?
The main challenge that we have found at Learning Solutions is guiding clients to understand that taking their traditional information and simply uploading it on to a server is not eLearning.  This is not yet consigned to the past and remains a challenge.
The perception that eLearning is not comparable to professional training and education is also a challenge and time spent in overcoming this block detracts from developing the best eLearning content.
That eLearning can and should be fun is also a challenge for many traditional training deliverers as online content is competing with a whole cyberspace full of entertainments and distractions.

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