Thursday, May 14, 2015

A Simple Tip to Add a Personalized Touch to Your Online Courses

Great! Good job! Incorrect! Can do better! Not quite right!

Do these words sound familiar? Probably yes, this is the kind of feedback we generally receive in our online assessments or exercises. In fact, we too provide similar feedback to our learners in the assessments we design.

But don’t we get disappointed when we receive such short feedback that does not convey much? Research suggests that students want specific and detailed feedback from their instructors (Balaji & Chakrabarti, 2010). This becomes even more critical in online assignments / assessments where there is little or no personal contact.

I have a simple tip to share with every course creator or trainer involved in designing online courses.

You could share the feedback with your learners by recording it in your own voice. Detail out this feedback in a way that it completely conveys what you intend to and still doesn’t become too long. Learners should feel as if you are talking to them. It would make a positive difference to the learners’ experience and motivation even if the feedback is negative. And not just feedback, you could use your voice to provide instructions in your courses too.

There are quite a few free audio recording tools in market. Windows users could simply use the Sound Recorder. And if you are using specific eLearning tools like Raptivity and Lectora to create your courses, they do provide an embedded sound recorder.

Audio feedback is an excellent way to connect with learners and provide feedback that is both motivating and meaningful. Go ahead and use this small yet effective tip to see the difference!

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Oswaldo Camacho: Working with technology and infrastructure for the last 10 years and the last 6 years in the Brazilian office one of the biggest American Publishers, generating Digital Educational Solutions for Latin America customers in Spanish and Portuguese. Responsible for all technology details of digital solutions proposed for customers, since the compatibility of the digital learning objects until the outcomes generated.
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