Friday, January 30, 2015

Managing Raptivity Interaction Displays on Multiple Devices

One of our customers approached us recently with a problem. She is a Learning Consultant and was working on building a training module for one of her clients using Raptivity interactions. The website, on which the training was supposed to sit, was responsive in design. Since the Raptivity interactions are fixed size, they were not responsive in the same way as the site. So she was wondering how to go about solving it. We guided her to use Raptivity’s multi-device utility to solve this problem.

This utility allows users to add multiple outputs (all in different sizes) of the same interaction model for different device sizes to a single package. This package can be included in your LMS or website. The package has an index page (an HTML page) which automatically detects the device and displays the interaction based on the device size. So even though the interactions are not responsively designed, based on the device, interactions can be shown in different sizes.

Did you know about this utility? If you want to try it out, write to and get your complimentary copy. Click here for more details on how this utility works. Keep watching this space for more such unexplored tricks.

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