Thursday, April 3, 2014

A Quick Recap - ‘Create Learning Arcs Using Raptivity Linker Beta’

Before I jump into writing what I am supposed to write today, there is a confession I want to make. Quite candidly, despite having used Raptivity extensively, I always struggled with ways and means of putting Raptivity interactions together. Though I liked the interaction templates, using them independently did not always make much sense. And since my requirement has never been of creating long courses, using Raptivity interactions with a third party tool was never a good idea for me. I am sure most Raptivity users may also have been struggling with the same thoughts. So when the idea of Raptivity Linker was spun across to me by my boss, it was obvious that I would jump off my seat. I was absolutely in love with this product even before its inception. For those of you who do not know what Raptivity Linker is, it is a tool that helps string together Raptivity interactions and in turn; helps create Learning Arcs.

The Beta version of this Raptivity add-on was launched last month. Team Raptivity also conducted a special webinar titled ‘Create Learning Arcs using Raptivity Linkeron 19th March, 2014 for a walk through of Raptivity Linker and the concept of Learning Arcs for the entire eLearning world. The webinar was conducted by Janhavi and Jamaica from Team Raptivity and Shay Patel, Analyst with the Training section of Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. All three shared some interesting insights on creation of learning arcs using Raptivity Linker.

The session began with Janhavi introducing Raptivity Linker and Learning Arcs. The focus was on how Raptivity Linker satisfies an important yet unfulfilled need in learning content creation. A single interaction might be highly reusable, but sometimes too granular to meet a learning objective. On the other hand, an entire web based course potentially meets several learning objectives, but has limited re-usability in new contexts. Learning arcs created using Raptivity Linker provide the middle ground—they are long enough to constitute a full learning experience, yet short enough to be used in different courses. Janhavi spent some time showcasing a gamification mini course with two learning arcs namely Game Mechanics and Human Motivations. These two arcs, on one hand, can be used as distinct learning modules and on the other, can also be combined to form a part of a bigger gamification course.

Shay Patel, a long time Raptivity user, emphasized on why NOW is the best of times to be an eLearning specialist! Shay also touched upon:
  • Application of Arcs in our everyday life

  • Difference between courses and learning arcs

  • Creating learning arcs and building learning experiences

  • Advanced arcing using visual cognitive association or visual cognitive dissonance

  • Learning Arcs to meet the flexibility needs of training a diverse audience
Shay also did a hands-on demo of Raptivity Linker and showcased some amazing stuff that he created using it. To view the entire session, click here. Many of you will possibly find this session to be a glimpse into an evolving eLearning model – Mini Learning Bytes’. Do share your thoughts on the same.

And now, time for some icing on the cake. Raptivity LinkerBeta is FREE for all Raptivity users. So go ahead, download your Raptivity Linker free trial copy now and explore the endless possibilities of doing more with Raptivity. We would love to hear your feedback and suggestions. For any assistance, you can always write to us at

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