Thursday, January 30, 2014

Raptivity review by Dr.Ann Jackson

Harbinger has made six great changes to the features offered in Raptivity. They have decreased the number of clicks necessary to create interactivities with a new layout which is a great benefit to users by easing the already user-friendly process and cutting the development time.

Additional time savers are the ‘Frequently Used Interactions’ and the ‘Select Interaction Model’ screen that opens up from the stage where you last closed it. These features not only cut development time but increase the user-friendliness of the product by making interactions quickly locatable.

The new dynamic resize feature allows users to make size changes during the development process saving time and simplifying development for different devises.

The changes to the welcoming screen allows users to access many resources in one place. I love this change as it allows me to find videos, community discussions, and other valuable resources centrally located as soon as I open the program.

I am also excited about the updated search features with allows users to not only search for specific interactions or specifics types of interactions, but also for interactions that meet certain compliance requirements. I can easily find all of the interactions that support 508 compliances using the search feature.

With the increasing need to develop for multiple devises, the new html review feature is a great addition. This feature allows users to access a html preview during the development process.

Harbinger continues to meet the needs of Raptivity users by researching ways to improve their product and by listening to and incorporating users suggestions.

Note: This blog has been posted by Raptivity Marketing Team on behalf of Ann Jackson. 

Ann F. Jackson, Ed.D
Educational Consultant

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