Friday, January 24, 2014

Raptivity 7.7 – The best of Raptivity in a Simplified form

Raptivity team today released v7.7 which is claimed as “Simplified Raptivity” with only 2 offerings – Raptivity Essential and Raptivity Suite. Let us hear from Janhavi Padture, Vice President – Strategy & Research, about this simplified Raptivity.

1. Janhavi, what’s new with Raptivity version 7.7?
[Janhavi] Raptivity 7.7 is fundamentally still the same product; the finest eLearning interactivity builder that users have grown to love.

The most notable enhancement that users can expect with this release is the simplification of the Raptivity pack structure. Now there are just 2 packs for customers to choose from (as opposed to 14 earlier):
i. Raptivity Essential – a collection of nearly 30 ‘must-have’ interactions, to get started with interactivity building. Click here for product details.
ii. Raptivity Suite – the complete set of nearly 100 interactions. These include all the interactions from Essential and more. Not just that, with the Suite is also included the Raptivity Bonus pack for free, which includes another 90 simple interactions. That’s a total of 190+ interactions! Click here for product details.

For users who are familiar with the old pack structure of Raptivity, the Suite is comparable to what was previously known as Raptivity Himalaya.

In addition, Raptivity 7.7 also includes some significant enhancements such as RTF support on eBook, improved

Moodle tracking, HTML5 support for 14 more interactions, improved Product Help, and more. With this release the total number of HTML5 supported interactions in Raptivity has reached 125!

So in a nutshell, Raptivity 7.7 is an improved product in a new packaging!

2. Why were the Raptivity packs restructured in version 7.7?
[Janhavi] Simplifying the product offering for our customers was the main idea. Over the years Raptivity has grown and it now proudly offers customers a wide selection of customizable interactions; over 190 to be specific. However, somewhere along the way it became difficult for our customers to figure out the numerous add-on packs that got introduced. We also realized that most customers were buying multiple packs anyways, in fact many of them had bought the complete suite despite the choice of so many packs. So last year we decided to connect with as many of our customers as possible to get their inputs. After talking to several customers and analyzing the responses to the customer survey we conducted last year, we arrived at this careful decision to have a simplified 2-tiered pack structure in Raptivity version 7.7. And we feel confident that the Raptivity user community will appreciate this simplification.

3. So, the product simplification leads to price simplification?
[Janhavi] Yes, the price change logically follows the pack restructuring. Quite candidly, different Raptivity add-on packs got introduced over time and even though each had a rather small price tag to it, in the end it quickly added up. But once we simplified our pack structure our price automatically got adjusted accordingly as well. We think that just like the pack simplification, customers will appreciate the price simplification as well.

4. What happens to the Raptivity licenses/packs I own?
[Janhavi] You can continue to use your current version of Raptivity without any problem. However we strongly recommend upgrading to Raptivity version 7.7, so that you can take advantage of all the latest enhancements.

5. How do I upgrade Raptivity license?
[Janhavi] The good news is that we have some really attractive upgrade offers for anyone interested in upgrading to version 7.7. Customers who have recently purchased Raptivity even qualify for a free upgrade. Please be assured that you will be able to continue using all your favorite Raptivity interactions even after upgrading.

Write to us at to get your Raptivity 7.7 upgrade.

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