Thursday, December 26, 2013

Vision 2014 – An Interview with Paul Clothier

Our fifth interview in the series is with an another eLearning industry expert, Paul Clothier. Below is an excerpt of the interview:

What are some of the key eLearning trends you are looking forward to in 2014?

  • The debunking of the myth that MOOCs and Gamification are an innovation in learning.

  • The innovation and application of the Experience API in mobile learning.

  • Innovative development of HTML 5 and HTML 5 tools to help create cross-platform learning solutions.

  • The realization that existing eLearning content should not be ported ‘as-is’ to mobile devices to create mLearning.

What are some of the changes you would like to see in eLearning industry?

  • Less emphasis of buzz-words and poorly considered technologies of the week - such as MOOCs, Gamification, Infographics, etc. More emphasis on creating solid, engaging, instructionally sound content.

  • More focus on graphic design and user experience in the development of eLearning.

Can you share more thoughts about any one of the key elearning trends you have mentioned about previously?

Mobile learning is not eLearning on a small screen. Organizations need to understand the nature and value of mobile learning. Currently there seems to be little understanding of what mLearning is and how it can supplement traditional modes of learning.

Social elearning has been talked couple of years now. How important is the social element going to be for eLearning in 2014?

As important as it is now.  Anything with the word "social" in it will be adopted by organizations because it seems like the right thing. I'd like people to dig a little deeper and analyze the value of social in their particular project. Broad statements like "Social learning is a good thing" should be questioned and backed up by solid research.

BYOD – Do you see this culture catching up in 2014?

It is a policy of an organization - not a culture. Organizations will continue to try and serve all their employees mobile device needs if they feel they will provide a return on investment.

What are some challenges eLearning industry would face in 2014?

  • Creating easy-to-use, effective tools to create learning content for mobile devices.

  • Being able to provide highly effective learning content for all the different types and formats of mobile devices out there.

  • Providing easy-to-use, effective learning management systems based on the Experience API that will address the needs of large organizations for tracking of ILT, eLearning and mLearning.
About Paul Clothier
 Paul Clothier is a learning specialist, eLearning and mLearning designer, speaker, and writer who has been in the technology training and learning field for over 25 years. Paul’s articles on training and learning have been featured in numerous learning and training magazines. He has a passion for mLearning design and user experience, and helps organizations design learning content for mobile devices.

More interviews will follow soon. Stay tuned to our future blogs to hear from the leaders themselves!

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