Wednesday, October 9, 2013

'Captivate & Raptivity'- A must have combination of eLearning tools inyour course creation tool kit!

Webinar on Creating Interactive Courses using Raptivity and Captivate

In a short but informative post, let me put together a summary of the webinar concluded on October 3, 2013 on ‘Creating Interactive Courses using Raptivity and Captivate’ with Joe Ganci as the guest speaker
(PS: I was busy answering questions popping up by the attendees during the webinar along with Pooja Jaisingh, eLearning Evangelist from Adobe Systems. Yet, I kept my ears and eyes tuned to the insights shared by our skilled speakers).

Before I can do that, let me shed some light on Joe, the Man of the Hour during the webinar. If you haven’t already heard about Joe Ganci, a name which most of us know as an Adobe Captivate expert. Well, he not only teaches Captivate, he uses it every day to create engaging eLearning applications for his clients. And in the last couple of years he has developed increasing affection to towards Raptivity, which compliments Captivate brilliantly to create amazing and interactive content.

As you would expect from Joe (reading the above few lines that is J), he went all out during the webinar, not only letting everyone know what he thinks are the strengths of both these tools, he also demonstrated the whole course creation process using both the tools. Showcasing a course he has been using as a sample for teaching since a couple of years, he first went through a detailed customization process in Captivate. He demonstrated the step by step process of easily creating the sample course in question. Needless to say, I along with everyone present were in awe by how easy it was to create a world class output using Captivate and its interactions. During the course of the webinar he mentioned that a couple of months back he had started using some cool and advanced Raptivity interactions in his standard sample course created using Captivate to make it more interactive. So, in order to let all the attendees witness how this works, he demonstrated the customization and integration of a Raptivity interaction (Flash and HTML5 output) with Captivate. Now, this was the time the question box started filling in during the webinar, obviously along with the awe factor, the attendees also had multiple questions in their mind about Raptivity and its integration process with Captivate.

This is when Raptivity Valued Professional, Jamaica Glenn surfaced and quickly gave a detailed overview of Raptivity and its features, along with displaying a few innovative Raptivity interaction samples like the Million Dollar Quiz and a few interesting ones from the following link .She along with Joe managed to answer all the questions of the enthusiastic webinar attendees. You can have a look at the Q& A document of the webinar by clicking here.

At last my question box was now showing some signs of satisfaction.

Ok now, I can go on and on about the webinar, but that’s not what we want, is it? Click here to view the recording of the webinar, to hear it all from the horse’s mouth.

See you soon, hope you enjoyed the read!

Oops, I think I must have forgotten to introduce myself. So here you go, I am Manish Rajani currently heading the Marketing Function at Harbinger Knowledge Products, the makers of the world leading interactivity builder ‘Raptivity’.

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