Monday, September 23, 2013

Using Raptivity To Make Elearning Stick

Learning and development professionals have known for some time that the keys to making training stick include interaction with participants before, during, and after a learning event. Evidence-based strategies for transfer of training such as setting positive expectations, designing effective activities for application, and reinforcing learning are even more important to use with elearning than with face-to-face training.The opportunity to engage learners with back-and-forth interaction is limited or non-existent.  My book Making Elearning Stick has a model that summarizes the latest evidence-based strategies to support good transfer of elearning.  It outlines 20+ specific techniques with many variations that can be applied to new or existing self-paced elearning and live virtual training, so participants will remember and apply what they learn.  And isn’t that the point?

Research evidence shows that adding just a few “extras” to live virtual training and self-paced elearning will increase participants’ application of their learning to the job. Raptivity interactions which I call tools provide attractive and engaging ways to include these “extras.” Below are a few examples from my book of easy-to-use Techniques to Integrate Education (“TIEs”), linked here with Raptivity tools.  TIEs can be used with any training content.  Choice of specific Raptivity tools may vary with the type of training content.

TIE NameBrief DescriptionExamples of Raptivity templates
Action PlanA variation on the popular end-of-training action plan.  Suggest action items DURING elearning modules; include a prioritization activity at the end;  auto follow-up after completion with reminders.Dynamic Bullet List (Essential Pack)
Event Calendar (Standard Pack 4)
Sticky Note (Standard Pack 4)
Visual assessment
Multi-page assessment
Do NowQuick focusing activity to reinforce a prior module or introduce a new one.Many choices in TurboPack including Experience Based, Analysis Based
Strategy LinkIllustrates how the elearning course supports the strategy, mission, vision, or key business objectives of the organization.Constant Choice Cumulative Feedback
Videos in Video Turbo Pack
Relationship Diagram
Tabbed Display
Mind Map
What’s Wrong With This PictureParticipants identify wrong or incorrect use of skills or knowledge.TurboPack: Experience Based, Analysis Based
Many choices in Video TurboPack and Simulations TurboPack
Kit for ManagersBrief summary of training content with bulleted activities managers should do to reinforce the learning.Dynamic Bullet List (Essential Pack)
Sticky Note (Standard Pack 4)
Tabbed Display
Pre-class Trivia

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