Thursday, September 19, 2013

Interview with Team Raptivity’s Graphic Designer

Well, I’m sure you are all curious to know what I have for you today? In this post we will unveil an interesting fact about adding images to Raptivity interactions. Few days back I was just chatting with Raptivity’s Support Manager – Prashanjit and interestingly he told me about few users having some hitches while inserting images into Raptivity interactions. I too have received mails from few of our customers with queries on inserting images in Raptivity interactions.
A common point across was that the images that we at Raptivity team use in our product samples look really nice whereas when they themselves try inserting images in the same interaction, the images don’t come out good. So, I thought might be there are few tips which our graphic designers use which they have discovered over a period of time which could be worth sharing with our customers. As soon as it came to images, I could think of none other than Pankaj Giram, our Visual Designer. He is the one behind the scenes of every colorful and attractive Raptivity interactions. With all his experience I thought of interviewing Pankaj to know what is the magic that he adds to graphics that makes our samples look great.

Here is a snapshot of Pankaj’s interview:

Hi Pankaj, to begin with can you share some important points that you keep in mind while beginning to design graphics for an interaction?

“The ‘Design Layout Wireframe’ is the first thing with which I begin. This gives me a clear picture of what is the exact number of graphics that I need to work upon (ie. background, images, buttons, etc.). Then comes the color scheme. Once the color scheme is decided, I begin working on the background image and then move ahead with the remaining graphics. Based on the type of interaction, I decide upon the font type to be used; if it is an assessment or a presentation aid, a clear and readable font is necessary while if it is a game or some kind of a fun interaction then using comic fonts makes it more attractive.”

Well, can you brief us on any specifications that you follow while editing images, so that they appear in good quality after inserting into an interaction?

“Yes. The most important thing is to follow the recommendations that are provided in the notes section (refer below image) of every interaction. This generally states the format in which the image should be saved along with the recommended dimensions. I always follow the recommended dimensions and create images in RGB format. I personally recommend the resolution to be 300 dpi. However, it is important to at least have the resolution higher than 100 dpi.”

Thanks for sharing this Pankaj. Any other information relating to images, that you would like to share with us?

“Well, one thing that comes to my mind is that if you are planning to insert transparent images then saving them in png (PNG-24) format is advisable.”

 So Pankaj, how do you use the ‘Image Scaling’ options that Raptivity offers? When do you use ‘Stretch Image’ option and when is ‘Maintain aspect ratio’ option used?

“This option is quite useful for interactions that do not have flexible images. In this case if you wish to keep the inserted image in its proportionate size then ‘Maintain aspect ratio’ option helps. If you want the image to cover the entire area then ‘Stretch image’ option is better suited.”

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Well, talking about buttons, what are the points that you keep in mind while creating buttons?

“All the buttons are recommended to be created in png format, since there is a transparency filter in this format the buttons merge well with the background. And of course this goes without saying that the fonts used should be readable.”

 Thank you, Pankaj for your insightful inputs. I am sure these would definitely benefit Raptivity users.

Do write to us through the comments section below if you have any more questions related to graphics used in Raptivity.

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