Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A Sneak Peek into Raptivity’s New User Interface

There is good news for all Raptivity users out there. Raptivity is going to get a makeover very soon. It is going to be launched with a brand new, next generation, trendy and absolutely simple user interface. Doesn’t that make all of you super excited to know more about it? I will quickly give you a sneak peek into why was this change contemplated and what are the benefits that you can get out of it. I shall also give you a glimpse of this fresh look and feel of Raptivity, so that you are all ready to use it when it’s launched.

The Raptivity team works very closely with its customers. Based on various discussions with some of our customers and their feedback, we have lately been working on improving a user’s experience and efficiency while using Raptivity. While working on this idea, we came to a conclusion that the experience and efficiency can only turn better if it starts with a new and better look and feel of Raptivity. So we decided to come up with a new user interface. A lot of things have been changed in the new interface. Right from the colors used in the product to the components of the home screen to the ‘select interaction’ process, everything has been reshaped to give you a much smoother experience.

We have taken care of space utilization and user’s navigation ease throughout the new interface. More emphasis has been laid on efficient task completion. For that, the number of clicks everywhere has been reduced to reach the expected screen quickly.

Apart from that, there are select features that will help you use the product better. Some of them are: The view slider, single click preview buttons, improved search functionality, easier and faster installation and activation of the product. A lot of flexibility has been provided in terms of positions, navigation and customization.

With all this interesting information, I am sure all of you will be eagerly waiting to get hands-on with the new Raptivity. Your wait ends very soon.

If you would like to experience the new Raptivity before its release you can write to to join the Raptivity Beta User group.

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