Monday, August 26, 2013

So you want to get into e-learning?

(If not, you might be reading the wrong blog post. It’s ok if you want to go elsewhere.) Congratulations on wanting to make the move! E-learning can be exciting, rewarding and beneficial
. It is another great tool that you can add to your learning toolbox.In the early days however the possibilities can be quite ‘Ooo shiny!' and you will find yourself spending hours browsing the web looking at the latest information about e-learning interactivity, development, gamification, mobile learning and a whole slew of other clever ways technology is supporting learning. Beware or you may look at the clock and wonder where the hours have gone :)

Pros and Cons:

There are a number of pros and cons to be aware of when you start to get into e-learning. They are:  


  • You can service a wider demographic at the comfort of their own desk

  • Financially cheaper to update and redeploy as business needs change

  • People expect a measure of technology in the workplace today. Whether it is a virtual classroom capability or a company intranet. We tend to me more browsers friendly.

  • Initial development will tend to be more expensive in both time and money than traditional face to face workshops due to the following:

    • Ensuring your organization has the infrastructure to access the e-learning (can the end users equipment play media?)

    • Your choice of development. Are you going to be purchasing off the shelf e-learning or are you planning to develop it all in house? If in house are you going to have a 'jack of all trades' E-learning specialist, or separate Instructional and Visual designers plus a programmer?
All right! You’ve made the decision to do it. Time for the next question. How do you get started with e-learning?

Note: This blog has been posted by Raptivity Marketing Team on behalf of Matt Blackstock. 

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