Wednesday, July 31, 2013

We work hard and party harder!

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. The Raptivity team believes in the same. When we work, we know nothing else and when we party, we know no bounds. The last two quarters were pretty busy for the Raptivity team. There were some major releases and events planned like AS 3.0 release, Tin Can support, special webinar series, etc.  After successful delivery of all such significant releases and projects, we took a much deserved break earlier last month to rejuvenate and recharge ourselves.
We chose to go to
Adventure Plus, an adventure activities spot near Pune, India. Those of you, who have been to Pune, know how beautiful Pune gets during monsoons. Those of you who haven’t, I would suggest that you must visit it at least once during rains to witness nature at its best. Anyways, continuing with the story of our outing, On the morning of 4th July, we proceeded to our venue, situated in Bhor, at the outskirts of Pune, amidst heavy rainfall.

It was a fun filled day with a lot of adventure. With a huge bunch of activities to choose from - Army Obstacles, Rappelling, Kayaking, Rain Dancing, Cycling, Rock Climbing, etc, we enjoyed every single moment of the day. The only sounds that could be heard constantly were cheers for each other, hearty laughs and at times when the activities were too dangerous, some scary screams. It rained incessantly all the while. We were all wet, but it did not dampen anyone’s spirit. The team spent the whole day merrily, enjoying various activities, snacking, posing and clicking photographs.

All said and done, we all wanted to share this wonderful experience with you. I am sharing some snaps of our day out for you to enjoy those moments with us. And before I close, I would want to thank all our users on behalf of the Raptivity team for making us put in our best efforts for each thing that we do. It has become a part of our personalities now. Thank You! We are all set to work hard for the next set of deliveries after this break.

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