Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Highlights from Virtual Educa 2013 Conference

The Virtual Educa 2013 Conference, scheduled for 5 days from the 17th of June, 2013 in Medellin, Colombia was a place to be at. I happened to be the lucky one representing Raptivity at this conference along with our partner Nestor Ojeda from Venezuela. Before I proceed to give you a sneak peek into my experience, let me just quickly tell you a bit about this conference.

Virtual Educa Conference, Columbia with Nestor

Virtual Educa is a very important event for the Latinamerican educational sector, attended by faculty and decision makers from around the world. The event is organized by OEA (Organizaci├│n de Estados Americanos) and is supported by the governments of the various countries in South America. In fact this year’s event was inaugurated by none other than the President of Colombia! Many other dignitaries were also present.

The conference was a 5 day affair and estimates say that it was attended by 10000+ attendees. The attendees really liked the concept of Raptivity. The fact that no programming skills are needed to create sophisticated interactions was highly appreciated. Raptivity had a broad appeal among the attendees. People who are ahead on eLearning adoption curve, liked the possibilities of HTML5 and SCORM publishing, as well as the possibilities of using it with any LMS. Whereas the people who were still trying to get started with eLearning, the fact that Raptivity works with Moodle and PowerPoint appealed them. The possibilities that Raptivity opened up for them without any LMS and authoring tool excited them the most. Visitors also liked the idea of perpetual pricing.

Very few people knew English. And having Nestor at the booth was an asset. His English was as flawless as his Spanish. He engaged in conversations very naturally. His attitude and enthusiasm is something I will always remember and learn from!

On a Personal Note

If you are curious about Colombia and if you can bear reading just another paragraph, otherwise you can skip the rest! The visit to Medellin was a great experience. The image of Colombia that we conjure in our minds owing to its dark history is that of a place of unrest and danger. But if Medellin is representative of the entire country, I have to say, that the image we have is certainly a thing of the past. Medellin went from being known as the ‘most dangerous city in the world’ about 20 years ago to winning the ‘most innovative city’ title in 2012!

The most interesting part of course was trying to communicate with people without having any knowledge of Spanish! It is amazing how much you can achieve by knowing just a couple of keywords of a language and relying on the universal language of hand gestures for the rest!

If you would like to know more about any forthcoming conferences where we are participating, you can visit our events page.


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