Thursday, June 20, 2013

Raptivity presents on ‘Innovative Ideas for Making Learning Interactive’

The Raptivity team recently presented at a technology event for educators at University of Pune, Maharashtra, India. The presentation was titled ‘Innovative Ideas for Making Learning Interactive’. It aimed at showcasing different creative ideas and ways of making learning fun and interactive. Over 65 senior educators from across Maharashtra region attended the session.

The Raptivity team comprised of Poonam Jaypuriya, Senior General Manager – Product Management (Innovation and Products), Shravan Kadvekar, Head – Product Sales, Maithili Yadav, Manager – Business Development and Prashanjit Bhattacharjee, Support Technical Manager. Poonam started the session with a brief introduction of Harbinger Group and the various members of the Raptivity Team. She then spoke at length about various innovative ways of making learning interactive and how Raptivity interactions come in handy for that. She talked about Characters, Reinforcements, Stories, Simulations and Games as some of the ways to make learning interactive.


The participants then got a chance to attend a detailed demonstration of Raptivity from Prashanjit, followed by an exclusive Raptivity hands-on session. The session proved to be really insightful for most of the participants as they were pretty new to eLearning. They enjoyed using the tool themselves to create diverse learning interactions. Their curiosity also led to everyone getting a better perspective and a clear view of the application scenarios of interactivity in eLearning. About 10 participants created some really innovative samples on their own. A professor created a Botany sample using Flip the Book and Create a Tree interactions of Raptivity; another professor came up with a Flash Cards sample on astronomers using local languages like Hindi and Marathi. One of the professors even created a flip book of her pet’s photographs. It was amazing to see how such novice users could create samples with so much ease in a short duration of time. The event concluded on a highly positive note, with the participants enthusiastically interacting with the Raptivity team and discussing more innovative possibilities of using interactivity in eLearning.

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