Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Game Changer: Interactivity Builder

Would you like to play an interactive game with me? It’s one of the more popular games used by instructional designers to create interest in a subject. Let’s start with a few hints from Wikipedia.

An American television quiz show created by Merv Griffin. … The show's broadcast history in the United States spans nearly five decades. The original version debuted on NBC on March 30, 1964. On September 10, 1984, it returned to television as a daily syndicated series with Alex Trebek as the host.

Know what it is? Jeopardy! Or should I say, “What is Jeopardy?”

Jeopardy - Raptivity Game Interaction

So, let’s start playing.

Host: Welcome to Jeopardy! In today’s game, the theme will be eLearning

I’ll pretend to be Alex Trebek, the game show host, and you, if you choose to play, will be the contestant.

If you’ve forgotten the rules, I’ll give you a trivia fact or an answer, and you will provide the question. First, you’ll pick a category, but before we begin—let’s start with one trial question. Are you ready to begin?

Contestant: Yes!

Host: Here is your first clue from category ‘Professions’: Designs and develops learning experiences.

Contestant: Who is an instructional designer?

Host: Correct.

And, your category is?

Contestant: Interaction

Host: Interaction it is!


Host: An event that takes place between a learner and the learner's environment. Its purpose is to respond to the learner in a way intended to change his or her behavior toward an educational goal. It has two purposes: to change learners and to move them toward achieving their goals. (Wagner 1994) from: http://www.elearnspace.org/Articles/Interaction.htm#Interaction

Contestant: What is a learning interaction?

Host: Correct. Here is the next clue:

  • Engage

  • Excite

  • Reward

  • Assess

  • Retain

  • Reinforce

  • Practice

Contestant: What are reasons to add interactivity in eLearning?

It’s a Game

Host: Per Wikipedia, it’s the use of game-thinking and game mechanics in a non-game
context in order to engage users and solve problems.

Contestant: What is Gamification?

Host: Correct! Gamification has made a place for itself in learning because of the high level engagement and interactivity it provides. And, your next category?

Contestant: Tools of the Trade

Tools of the Trade

Host: From BusinessDirectory.com, it is a software that allows (usually a non-programmer) users to create their own courseware, web page, or multimedia applications and the associated navigating tools.

Contestant: What is an authoring tool?

Host: That is correct!:

  • Adobe Captivate

  • Articulate Presenter

  • Adobe Presenter

  • Lectora

  • Claro

  • Elicitus

Are examples of what?

Contestant: What are popular authoring tools?

Host: Yes, you have it! Here’s your clue for Final Jeopardy.

Instructional designers and course developers—like you-- use this type of tool to quickly and easily add interactions to courseware, by simply adding content to existing learning interactivity templates.

You have 30 seconds to answer. Good luck.

Jeopardy music plays

Contestant: Hmmm …. It’s not an authoring tool?

Host: No, not quite … it can be used, though, with authoring tools, like Articulate, to add interactions.

Contestant: Interactions … Interactivity, ah, I have it … could it be … an Interactivity Builder. What is an Interactivity Builder!

Host: Correct and you are the winner of today’s game of Jeopardy!

I hope you enjoyed playing our interactive game and also learned a few fun facts about interactivity. Interactivity Builders help you to create fun interactions, such as games, simulations, interactive exercises, interactive diagrams, brainteasers and more to engage learners. An Interactivity Builder is NOT an authoring tool, but is its own unique category. As such, you can use it to complement the authoring tool that you are already using. An interactivity builder is a must-have in your eLearning tool kit, so take some time to look into them if you haven’t already done so, because interactivity in your courses is something you wouldn’t want to compromise.

And, for your final, final, bonus question?

Are you ready?

Contestant: Yes, I think so. I will go with the category of Interactivity Builder.

Host: Ok.

Interactivity Builder

Host: It is the forerunner in the Interactivity Builder category of tools. The tool has kept up with latest tech trends like HTML, Tin Can, etc. and provides a wide selection of easy to customize interaction templates? 180+ to be precise.

Contestant: What is Raptivity?

Host: Right you are! Raptivity has been the Interactivity Builder of choice for thousands of Instructional designers and eLearning developers. To view samples of Raptivity or to download a free evaluation copy visit: www.raptivity.com

So, that’s it for our game, I hope you enjoy creating interactions like this with your Interactivity Builder.

Goodbye for now!

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