Thursday, March 21, 2013

Make it a Game

If you had the choice between reading through a training module or playing a game to learn the same concepts, which would you choose? Most of us would choose game-based learning hands-down over traditional training.

Why? It’s more fun!

Adds Interest and Interactivity

Adding a game to your training will add interactivity and engage your learner. The context of a game tends to be more interesting because at each stage a learner must overcome a challenge, which keeps the learner motivated.

If you want to add a game to your training, find one that works best with your training content. For example, if you want your learner to memorize facts, add a flash card game to your training. In the following section, I describe different types of training content, suggest game types, and show where to find them in Raptivity.


  • Facts such as policies, product specifications, or laws are learnt best using questions, memorization, association, or drills.

  • Best games types are flash cards (Raptivity Zest) and Snakes and Ladders with Questions (Games TurboPack).


  • Skills such as interviewing, teaching, or selling are learnt best using imitation, feedback, coaching, continuous practice, and role playing.

  • Best games types are role-play games like Role-based Individualized Simulations and Simulated Situation with Text and Image (Raptivity Booster Pack 1).


  • Management decisions, timing, ethics, security decisions are learnt best reviewing cases, asking questions, making choices (practice)

  • Best game types are role-play games, strategy games, detective games, such as, Goal-Driven and Explorative Immersive Learning Situations (Simulations TurboPack) and Selection Strategy (MindPlay Turbo Pack).


  • How people learn, scientific theories, religious theories are learnt best using logic, experimentation, and questions.

  • Best game types are open-ended simulation games or constructing games, such as, Adaptive Scenarios (Simulations TurboPack), Concentric Circles with Callouts and Pyramid (Raptivity Essential)


  • Strategic and tactical thinking and analysis are learnt best using problems and examples.

  • Best game type is a puzzle, such as, Jigsaw Puzzle – Advanced (Raptivity Essential).


  • Engineering, medical, or IT procedures are learnt best using imitation and practice.

  • Best game types are timed games, role-play games, simulation, such as, Wild Cards – Time Bound (Raptivity Essentials) and Goal-Driven and Explorative Immersive Learning Situations (Simulations TurboPack).


  • Business terms, foreign language, industry-specific terms learnt best using imitation, continuous practice, immersion.

  • Best game types are role-play, flash cards, such as, Goal-Driven and Explorative Immersive Learning Situations (Simulations TurboPack) and Flash Cards (Raptivity Essential).

I’d like to end this blog by proposing a game to you, the Raptivity Blog readers. If you’ve used a Raptivity game in a unique way, send me <> the details and a screen shot. I’ll share what you send in a future post. The first 10 Raptivity Blog readers to respond will win a $10 Amazon Card!

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