Sunday, March 3, 2013

Learning Technologies – 2013

The dust has already settled but that has given us more insights and opportunities from the market. This year’s Learning Technologies and Learning and Skills event was larger than last year and was an expansion rather than dramatic innovation when it came to new trends and technologies. It was an action packed and exciting event! The first thing that stood out was the new layout, all on one floor rather than on two floors like previous years. Even for us this new layout felt better, less cramped and more airy.

It was an honor, once again, when I represented Harbinger Knowledge Products at the Learning Technologies. This time around, there were a total of around 220 exhibitors and over 120 seminars. The total number of delegates attending the conference was above 5000 which is huge. That was evident to show why this event is known as one of the largest e-learning events in Europe. The Raptivity booth was much compact as compared to last year. We had a large LCD screen to run presentations on the product apart from the standees. Lance, our reseller was more than just help and was successful in engaging visitors through demos and discussions. We also had a separate space for people interested in seeing a demo. It was a great feeling to attend more visitors this time around at the booth and to find out most of them already knew about our product and brand. Let me elaborate on a few things that I found very interesting when I had conversations with the visitors! It’s notable that this year everyone talked about mobile and multi-device learning, and it was interesting to know how this has been successfully implemented in many sectors. Besides, we also had interesting queries and talk about Tin Can. Tin Can holds out the promise of measuring far more then we could find out from SCORM and of offering better and more responsive training as a result. It’s great that it is something we are engaging with at Raptivity already. I also got to meet few of our resellers who were happy to see how Raptivity is growing in the territory and how the product is catching up head to head with the latest trends in the elearning market. I am sure to have some busy weeks ahead responding and following up with the visitors. And what a brilliant job the organisers did! It was a very well organized event, with little or no scope to complaint about anything. I had a fantastic time, as ever!

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