Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Drag-Drop-Sort – A Simple Concept Turned Creative

Raptivity is ready with its next Evolve Interaction – Drag-Drop-Sort. Well, all of us generally look forward to everything that comes from the Raptivity Evolve Team. I am no different. I am always very excited to check out what comes up with every Evolve release.

I am well aware that drag and drop is a very common interactivity; but Raptivity Evolve team promises for something unique this time as well. Let’s check out how Drag-Drop-Sort proves to be unique.

When I studied this interaction, here were some features which were of my interest:

  1. The items in this interaction can appear as only image/text or a combination of image or text.

  2. The items can be re-dragged and re-positioned.

  3. The interaction comes with an interesting option of immediate or delayed feedback.

  4. The items and the buckets (the drop targets) can range from 1 to 25.

  5. The item panel can be made transparent.

With this kind of an interaction model, I was curious to sit down and think of some use cases. Well, with my thoughts running wild, I could think of many places where these features could be interestingly combined in a variety of ways. Have you ever imagined that drag and drop interaction can be used as a sequencing or labeling exercise? As a brainteaser? Or maybe as a fill in the blanks exercise? Here’s where Raptivity Drag-Drop-Sort interaction makes a difference. This interaction can be used to create all the above mentioned exercises within minutes and actually even more. You are truly limited only by your imagination!

Click on each image below to view the interaction samples and unveil the uniqueness of Drag-Drop-Sort.

1. Classification Exercise – Social Media Do’s and Don’ts

2. Brainteaser - Mathematical Equations

3. Fill in the Blanks Exercise - Story

4. Sequencing Exercise – Waterfall Model

5. Sorting Exercise – First Aid Kit

Want to know more about this interesting interaction, click here.

Let me know how you could use this interaction in your courses. I am curious to hear your ideas as well.

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