Thursday, February 28, 2013

Deactivating Raptivity in Online and Offline mode

In our earlier blog post of video series we talked with you about Raptivity activation. This time we will share with you quick videos on how to deactivate Raptivity in both online and offline modes. Deactivation might be required when you need to upgrade your Raptivity copy or transfer Raptivity from one machine to another. These videos will demonstrate step by step actions on how you can deactivate your Raptivity copy.

Deactivating Raptivity in Online mode

Deactivating Raptivity is a very simple procedure. The video clip below takes you through a step by step procedure on how can you deactivate Raptivity on a machine with direct internet access.

Deactivating Raptivity in Online Mode

Deactivating Raptivity in Offline mode

If you can activate Raptivity in offline mode, you already know that you can deactivate it as well in the same mode. The following video clip is a step by step guide which takes you through the Raptivity deactivation process when your system is in the offline mode. Watch it to learn more.

Deactivating Raptivity in Offline Mode

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