Thursday, February 21, 2013

Activating Raptivity in Online and Offline mode

As a part of our ongoing efforts to help our customers, we have come up with some simple ‘How To’ videos for all our users who have purchased Raptivity recently and need to activate it. The videos take you through some simple steps using which you can activate your Raptivity copy. Well, it is so simple that you can do it easily by yourself but in case you are stuck somewhere, you can always refer to these short video clips for help.

Activating Raptivity in Online mode

Activating Raptivity is a matter of few clicks when you are online. The video clip below takes you through a step by step procedure on how can you activate Raptivity on a machine which has an active internet connection. Watch this 1 minute video clip to learn how. Raptivity Activation in Online Mode

Activating Raptivity in Offline mode

So your machine has no internet connection due to some reason? Well, don’t worry; you can still activate your Raptivity copy through our Offline activation support. Here is a step by step video guide which takes you through the Raptivity Activation process when your system is in the offline mode. Watch this short video clip to learn more.

Activating Raptivity in offline mode

Hope you find both the video clips useful. To check out all other videos, you can visit Resources page of Raptivity. Do share your feedback, suggestions and ideas in the comments section below. And in case you want us to create a particular ‘How To’ video, do let us know.

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