Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What is Smart Help in Raptivity?

Selection of the right interaction model is a herculean task when you have an extensive list of more than 180 interaction models in Raptivity. So, how do we tackle this? Keeping in this mind, Team Raptivity has introduced smart help in Raptivity. This will simplify your task of choosing an interaction model from a varied list which is found in Raptivity. One need not remember or memorize the exact name of the interaction model.

This very brief video clip will introduce you to the ‘Search Box’ feature. Search box gives related options in the dropdown box. You can use this feature to quickly locate the right interactivity of your choice with less hassle. Smart help is not only a user-friendly feature but above all leads you to the relevant interaction model in minutes.

Raptivity Smart Help

Hope you enjoy using Smart Help. Look forward to your comments.

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