Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Seeking Feature Ideas and Suggestions for Our New Evolve Interaction

New and different things usually grab everyone’s attention. Learners are not an exception; they also tend to get excited if they see something new and attractive. All such things enhance the overall learning experience. This can be achieved in multiple ways. One strategy is through showing innovative interactivities as a part of the learners’ course. And how do you do it? Simple, through Raptivity!

Raptivity Evolve is coming up with a new interaction called ‘Collage’. It is a very innovative and extremely ppealing interactivity which gives the effect of a picture collage.

You must be thinking, why we are telling you all this before the launch of the interaction. We want all of you to have a look at design outline for this interactivity and give us some suggestions.

We are still in the development phase awaiting your feedback so that we can incorporate it in the final interactivity.

So get set to share your feedback on the community and see your suggestions and feedback turn into a feature for this interactivity. To go to the community, click here.

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