Monday, November 12, 2012

Recap – Games Show Webinar

The games show extravaganza held on November 8th, 2012 was commendable. Game show experts like Nadine Jeffers provided very intuitive information on the basics and aesthetics of game building for early childhood development. The role games play in every child’s life was well explained. The hosts Jamaica Bracken & Janhavi Padture got the ball rolling with fun games like Mine the Gold, Million Dollars Quiz and varied samples created by users of Raptivity. Game building and use of games in learning is very novel and fascinating to study. It is simply a challenge for teachers to make the class fun and exciting for children with games. Nadine showcased her game samples built using Raptivity which proves beyond doubt that more can be achieved with just the use of the right technology. Children are able to understand and assimilate more with games.

Million Dollar Quiz Show

At the end of the webinar, all the attendees got a chance to play the Million Dollar Quiz and two top scorer’s won an Amazon gift card. The Q&A session covered major queries of the participants. People who have missed this webinar need not worry as you can still get the recording at You can catch up more inputs on this webinar in the following blogs this week.

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