Thursday, November 29, 2012

Presenting Dry Information with Interactive Pyramids

Most of us would have heard of Management Processes such as Procurement Management, Scope Management. But, how many of us remember about it? We must have read it in our books in textual format, which is usually once read and then lost. Now, you can experience a visually fascinating way of presenting the same information with interactive and engaging pyramids.

The uniqManagement Process Overviewueness of this interactivity sample here is the 3D format, where the pyramid rotates on its base. There are multiple faces to this pyramid. The most fascinating feature is that each face can have different number of levels unlike the other face within the same pyramid. As shown in the above example, the levels are 5, 3 and 2 for three faces. So, wondering how to do it?

It’s done using Raptivity- a rapid Interactivity building tool. It has 180+ diverse interactions from various categories like presentation aids, games and simulations, brain teasers, etc. These are customizable interactions which allow you to publish the output in Flash and HTML5 formats. You can also integrate the output with any authoring tool or Learning Management System.

Another example to take your breath away is:

Food Sample CourseThis is a food sample to show a healthy diet. In Raptivity, you can add images to enhance the representation. In this example, even without any description the message gets communicated and it leaves an ever-lasting impression on the user’s mind.

Some other interesting features of Pyramid Interaction from Raptivity Essential Pack are:

1) Flexi-sized description box for each level of a face of the pyramid. The user can easily add text to explain the content

2) Maximum number of faces in one pyramid is 4 while in each face maximum number of levels is 7

3) You can also add a voice over for each level

4) You can even add a background image that goes well with the sample content.

All interactions in Raptivity are designed with a touch of excellence which comes from years of expertise. Create your own interactivities which will be unique in its way and leave an impression of the user.

As we had mentioned in our last week’s blog about kick-starting a series of how regular information can be presented in an extraordinary style for a compelling learning experience. This is the first in the series and hope you would share your feedback. Enjoy reading :)

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