Friday, November 23, 2012

Presentation does matter!

We talk about evoking high content retention among the learners. It’s truly important beFlip the calendar interactivity samplecause effective learning happens only when a learner can show it easily. However, we should also realize and accept this fact that we retain visually presented information much better than written text.

There is a strong acceptance amongst educators that involving and engaging learners is of prime importance to achieve the desired learning outcome. In short, the course designers today need something that is visually rich and makes the learners interact actively. The saying, ‘The first impression is the last impression’ further validates the point that learning content should be presentable to engage the learners.

Keeping these pointers in focus, we shall be kick-starting a series of blogs on how regular information can be presented in an extraordinary style for a compelling learning experience. The tricks and tips will be showcased with the help of rapid interactivity samples. So, do keep a watch on this space :)

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