Friday, November 16, 2012

Best Use of Technology

Nadine Jeffers was the speaker at a recently held Raptivity Games Show Webinar. She shared with the attendees some very interesting stuff on how to gauge the best technology to use in creating interactive games for early childhood development.

The Key highlights were:

1. The games built should be Interactive.

2. Games should be appropriately developed considering the age of the children.

3. They should compliment other means of learning.

4. Children should be encouraged through these games to indulge in human interaction.

5. They should be instructionally and educationally sound.

6. Very important factor – In line with the family’s value system.

7. Protect the child from dangerous or exploitative situations.

Hmm! definitely, a good list to keep track of when you are designing game based learning for the early learners. Games do add a sense of fun and excitement to even complex subjects as long as the necessary checks are in place.

Nadine has also listed the benefits of good use of technology in the image given below.

Benefits of Good Use of Technology

If you want to watch the recording of the webinar, then you can view it at

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