Friday, October 26, 2012

Add High Level Engagement to Learning with Games

You can get your learners glued to courses when you challenge them with fun and exciting games. Learners of all age groups find game based learning much more engaging compared to other modes of learning. They are able to retain more and the time required to do so also reduces considerably.

Raptivity professes this fact and wants others to understand and adopt game based learning. So, to proGames Show Webinarpagate the message further, it has organized a Games Show Webinar on November 8th, 2012. Details of the Game Show are listed below:

Topic Having Fun with Raptivity Games

Hosts - Jamaica Bracken, Janhavi Padture

Speaker - Nadine Jeffers, Games Expert

Date & Time - 8th November 2012 in three time zones

@ 10:00 AM PST - Register at

@ 10:00 AM CET - Register at

@ 02:30 PM IST - Register at

This games show extravaganza will be one of its’ kind as it will have not only have the experts talking about building and use of games in learning but also exciting prizes for the participants of the game show. Participants will get a chance to display their interesting and fun game samples developed using Raptivity. Nadine Jeffers, the key speaker for the webinar will share her expertise on the subject of using games as a learning tool for early childhood development, as well as show some games she has developed for elementary school age children.

Jamaica Bracken and Janhavi Padture from the Raptivity Team will help the attendees understand how game based learning can create a difference in the eLearning space. Moreover, tools that are simple and effective to build engaging game based learning modules would be showcased. Raptivity will also announce its latest release of Mine the Gold game. An interactive Q&A session at the end of the webinar will answer the queries of the participants.

So, Hurry and Register now to participate in this unique Games Show!

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