Friday, July 6, 2012

Tools & Apps used by Designers

What is more popular among the designers is quintessential for getting eye catching graphics. They are not only technically savvy but also demanding when it comes to the choice of tools and apps they use for creating extremely detail oriented and polished designs. It is particularly interesting to study their designer toolkit to understand the mechanics of great designs.

Recently, conducted a survey where 180 design and creative professionals participated. The results are showcased in an infographic; ‘The Designer’s Toolkit’. The data is definitely striking as the infographic is easy to read and the comparison between categories like wireframing, visual design, text editor, etc brings about a great variance in the use of tools.

One unusual observation is that designers’ inspiring tools such as Adobe Suite and Microsoft Word still remain on the desktop whereas there are other charming apps that are worth trying out which exist in the cloud. They seem to be promising in the near future. Overall, this infographic gives us a bird’s view of basic graphic design tools generally being used.

The Designer Toolkit

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