Monday, July 16, 2012

Narrating a Story with Timeline Interaction

We all love stories in some format or the other. The story is more entertaining and grips your attention especially when it is narrated with the aid of images and characters. Something on the lines of comics which are very picturesque as well as engaging narrative. All the facets of a good story is also required in a presentation. It is very easy to explain a concept/subject or review key highlights of the business when all that is nicely packaged in a story format.

All this sounds very exciting but also difficult to put it in action! Isn’t it? The benefits are many to reap provided the end result is engaging and interactive for the audience. I have gone through this dilemma and believe me it is nerve wrecking to get something right at the first instance. Lots of time and effort is required to create a presentation which will be gripping and hold the audience attention for a longer span of time.

Presentations can be very interactive when they have interactions. Raptivity follows this golden rule very well in their interactions. The ‘Timeline’ interaction works wonders when you need to tell stories or explain any business concept/idea in the most entertaining fashion. Timeline interaction model is best used to present events of a given time period in an engaging audio-visual way.

This interaction can be understood when you see it in action in the following example.

Timeline of US HistoryTimeline of US History

The Example listed above presents a snapshot of all the events on the timeline using images. You could navigate through the events to get more information about them by clicking on the different timeline blocks as shown in the image below.

Timeline of US History - Description box

Timeline is the smartest choice to present roadmaps, history, company achievements and other similar timeline based subjects.

Now, doesn’t that sound very simple and easy when all you have to do is use the Timeline interaction in your presentation and start narrating your story. The template is all set and easy to customize as per your requirement. Reckon you to try it yourself and get into the interactive story narrating format. To know more about Timeline interaction, visit the website or write to

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