Friday, June 22, 2012

Proofreading Shortcuts for E-Learning Content

Proofreading eLearning ContentProofreading your own content could be at times boring and cumbersome. You have to exert more energy to read the content and find the errors. This doesn’t end here. You have to rectify the errors and bring the content in shape. I do this regularly and have devised practical steps of proofreading eLearning content which will save you the exertion and increase efficiency. Act as somebody else The eLearning content proofreading can be fun if you find the subject to your interest. Otherwise, it can be an arduous task. You will be searching for mistakes in others work but when it comes to your own content, you turn into a security guard and would dislike changes made to it by strangers. So, the best you could do is to think of yourself as a stranger who would be acting as the proofreader and complete the task without any bias. Cultivate the habit of read something daily You get to read a lot of stuff everyday be it the emails, articles, case studies, blogs just like you are reading this one and try to find out the errors in them. With practice, you will build the expertise to spot of proofreading the same content by different people. Dictionary – the Guru Being humans, we are bound to make mistakes and learn from them. So in such circumstances, wise folks take the advice from the gurus. Here, I would recommend the use of a dictionary as the best expertise available for getting acquainted with new words and the usage of these words in the right context. Today, many tools are freely available online if you think carrying a dictionary to work will not be a cool idea. You can get the meaning of a word with just a click of the mouse along with corresponding synonyms, idioms and phrases. Make a list of mistakes When you are proofreading eLearning content, you also need to be aware of the mistakes you are keen to find. So, prepare a list of mistakes or golden rules which need to be followed when searching for them. This could be summed up from past comments of your proofreaders or senior writers and editors on eLearning content. Do feel free to share your thoughts and tricks on proofreading eLearning content in the comments below.

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