Friday, June 15, 2012

Learn to Visualize through Mind Map Interaction

Visuals, images, art, Hmm! They appeal the eyes and catch your attention. Everyone uses these to engage the audience in a focused and fixed connection with the subject matter of discussion. Hope it was as simple as it sounds. Visuals are preferably and in most of the instances, it is perfunctory to use it in blogs, brochures, newsletters, websites, social media sites… and the list is endless. Precisely, the visuals capture the essence of the talk. And there aren’t two ways to go about it.

We could have lots of talks, discussions, etc but an image will beat that all. You are right, then what are we waiting for. Let’s start with the basic visualization of ideas that some of us may have heard of it but never got a chance to try it. Mind map is a landscape view of how our brain interconnects the web of ideas. Complex processes are best understood when they are elaborately explained with visuals. In fact, mind map is used as a tool by presenters, trainers, etc. for gearing up the creative thought processes of an individual/group as they bring about more ideas unlike the other modes in practice of triggering the creative thought process.

Mind mapping is pretty similar to a road map as all of us need to follow a predestined path to achieve the goals/objectives at school, college, work, etc. The utility of a mind map are many provided it is integrated into practice. Specially, when presenters/trainers are introducing a subject to their audience, it ain’t simple enough to just draw a mind map and start lecturing on it as the most wanted ingredient is missing in it. Well no guesses required, “interactivity” is most crucial to any presentation/session.

Presentation is a powerful tool to communicate with a large audience and interactivity adds to this quotient. Likewise, Mind map used in presentations would certainly bring out the desired output when they are embedded in interactivity. Based on this idea, Raptivity team will be releasing the first interaction in the series – Mind Map during the special webinar on 19th June, 2012.

Mind Map webinar

The attendees will have an opportunity to discuss more about the concept of Mind Maps with our esteemed guest speaker Joe Ganci, our valued Raptivity Training Partner and an industry recognized eLearning consultant. Joe will share his thoughts with us about designing Mind Maps and best practices in using them.

Special webinar will cover:

1. More info on the new ‘free interaction’ initiative from Raptivity

2. Best practices, tools and benefits of creating mind maps

3. Mind map interaction samples created using Raptivity

This special webinar would help the audience learn effective implementation of brainstorming, problem solving, cross training activities through Mind maps. So, what is holding you up! Quickly register for this webinar to acquaint yourself with Mind map.

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