Thursday, May 17, 2012

Webinar Recap: Learning Interactions on Mobile Devices. What Works? What Doesn’t?

This week, Raptivity Team had organized a special webinar for mLeLearning Interactions on Mobile Devicesarning enthusiasts on “Learning Interactions On Mobile Devices. What Works? What Doesn’t?” on 15th May, 2012. They hosted three webinars during the day in order to accommodate participants in all time zones. Today’s Mobile Learning Guru’s Robert Gadd and Janhavi Padture were the key speakers for this event. They did bring in a lot of insights on the present trends and challenges in developing learning interactions for mobile devices using Flash and HTML5 technologies.

This webinar included crucial information on tools and technologies in use today for developing mobile learning interactions and courses. Robert and Janhavi also had insightful discussions about the challenges faced by course creators, instructional designers and mobile learning users and how these could be addressed with the right toolkit. Since mobile platforms, devices and browsers are ever changing, it gets difficult to adapt and develop mobile learning content. A comprehensive solution that overcomes all these challenges was most asked for by the attendees.

Key speakers did shed light on key issues considered important while developing mobile learning interactions HTML5 vs. Flashsuch as Flash vs. HTML5, checklist of technical considerations, Native vs. Web App, etc. They also showcased some interactive samples of mobile interactions created using Raptivity on an iPad and Cellcast platform demo which was developed by OnPoint Digital Solutions.

Information about some of the best tools and technologies were shared with the attendees. The webinar attracted a good number of industry professionals which made the ‘question hour’ session very interactive. We all expect interactivity on our mobile devices when the evolution of mobile learning technologies is on an upward swing. Don’t worry, if you have missed this special webinar! We have recorded the webinar for you. You can also get a copy of the webinar presentation by writing to .

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