Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Online Community Training Case Study

Training conducted through online communities is an arduous task but worth mentioning the efforts taken by an organization with the use of Raptivity. Generally, organizations have discussions and announcements made on online communities but going a step further with training is much more engagement of the audience on the virtual platform. Let’s get a glimpse of this successful episode by Edvance Research.

About Edvance Research

Edvance Research is an incorporation that improves outcomes for students through building the capacities of educators and their school communities to conduct, understand and use research in their practice. They provide an entire online community of practice for professional development and conduct internal trainings to train the employees to create the policy and practices for their clients.

Edvance Online Community

The Challenge

The company always used conventional methods of training with sources like webinar and whiteboards to train the employees. It was very difficult to train the employees regularly and even harder to train who are not physically present in the classroom. The trainers used courses developed in PowerPoint®. It was very difficult to create the courses for teachers using only PowerPoint presentation. These courses were not interactive. The external customers too were demanding interactive modules.

The Approach

The need of interactivity in the course content was the root of the problem that could be fixed but with the choice of the right tool that integrates very well with existing tools used for creating training course modules. One of the employees suggested Raptivity, the interactivity building tool was the best solution for this.

With Raptivity, they could address some of the crucial issues such as:

  • Developing interactive training material for external contracts

  • Developing learning modules for their online community

  • Creation of interactive presentation slides for their internal coaching

  • Integration of the tool with their existing authoring tool – Articulate.

Resulting Benefits:

  • Edvance Research was able to develop flash based instructional modules which were used for internal and external audience.

  • The training presentation slides are more interactive.

  • An increase in the course usage since interactions created using Raptivity has been introduced in the Online Community.

  • Raptivity helps in creating highly interactive courses with the use of games, quizzes and various interactivity displays.

  • Many more accruing benefits.

These are just a handful of benefits listed above but there is no escaping the fact that online community training is viable without the knowledge of programming and easy to customize templates of engaging interactions from Raptivity. If you are ready to start exploring how our interactivity building tool can dramatically improve your training effectiveness today, download the free trial.

To find out more such success stories of Raptivity, visit the case studies section.

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