Friday, March 16, 2012

Statistics on Implementing Interactive Mobile Learning

The launch webinar of Raptivity Essential HTML5 support did bring in a lot of eLearning enthusiasts and industry professionals across three continents (US, Europe and Australia). Raptivity Team was intrigued with the real-time poll results collated during the webinar “Get started with HTML5 using Raptivity Interactions” held on 6th March, 2012. Since the webinar started with a poll, the results were an eye-opener for all the eLearning professionals and even others who are still in the primary phase of implementing mobile learning or are contemplating doing so. The figure 1 displays the poll question asked during the webinar. Poll Question on mLearning Figure 1. Poll Question The poll question was “At what stage is your organization in implementing M-Learning?”. Figure 2 shown below highlights the results collected from all 3 continents. Poll Results of mLearning Figure 2: Poll Results gathered from in 3 Continents The most noticeable factor is the fact that majority of the audience are currently evaluating mobile learning solutions throughout USA, Australia and Europe. Likewise, 20% of the audience were equally ignorant about mobile learning and its various advantages. This is an interesting finding as probably most of us were under the impression that with the influx of latest mobile devices, the demand for mLearning solutions is growing in leaps and bounds. But that’s not the case. People are still evaluating mLearning and its options. Now, the poll question results also show a similarity across three continents when it comes to analyzing the usage of mLearning courses on mobile devices. This shows that though the demand for high end mobile devices and tablets is on the rise, the usage of such devices for learning and accessing engaging mLearning courses is very low. It is challenging for eLearning enthusiasts, schools, colleges and universities to build rapid interactive and educationally oriented mLearning courses at a faster pace and increase their audience in numbers. Number of tools available for creating mLearning faster and in an effective way is definitely an important consideration. Lastly, there are also many people who are still at the discussion phase and unsure about opting for mLearning solutions. Here, you will find a spike in the number of people from Europe compared to USA and Australia. This also throws light on the fundamental fact that the number of people discussing about mobile learning solutions is higher in Europe today and increases the probability of them using mLearning solutions in the near future at a much faster pace. The results were indeed impressive and we are rest assured seeing the results that mLearning is slowly gaining momentum. To view the exciting results of these polls during the webinar you can access the recording here.  

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