Thursday, February 23, 2012

Learning Technologies 2012: First Hand Experience with Customers and Industry Leaders

I had the pleasure and privilege of exhibiting Raptivity at the Learning Technologies 2012 conference. The elearning market in Europe is booming as ever. This was evidently noticed at the Learning Technologies Conference - one of the largest events of its type in Europe. The conference attracted over 450 delegates globally. There were around 220 exhibitors and over 50 leading speakers participating in the conference.

The conference was held at the Olympia Centre 2.  There were some very interesting branding by some exhibitors. The conference hall was swarmed by visitors throughout the day and it was fascinating to see plenty of educators and eLearning experts under one proof networking, presenting and sharing their knowledge with the audience.

As expected, there were many interesting presentations and technologies showcased. And not to forget the freebies in the colourful setting were a delight. The new technologies were intriguing and so were the salespeople exhibiting at the booths.

LT 2012 This exhibition was very much about the technology, as much as about learning. ’HTML5’ was the most discussed technology in the conference. I had a pleasure of attending the sessions from Kaplan and Adobe Captivate to name a few. Raptivity had a session on “Future of eLearning Content on Mobile Devices” which was presented by John Swindall. The interest in audience about the topic could be easily guessed by the audience packed room. The session was highly appreciated by the audience and many of them visited our booth after the session to share their feedback as well.

We had our booth showcasing Raptivity, the world renowned interactivity building software. Professionals from various fields stopped by the booth to get acquainted with Raptivity. Mostly people belonged to the Education, E-Learning, Corporate, Government and Publishing sector. People were keen to know Raptivity’s road map on the HTML5 front. They were also happy to know how Raptivity is growing and catching up head to head with the latest trends in the eLearning market.

To summarize, the Learning Technologies 2012 Conference was a great event, well organised, and replete with fantastic speakers and impressive exhibitors. Overall, the conference was a huge success. This was one great experience where I got to learn and share the views and best practices of people in the eLearning business.


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