Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Integrate Raptivity with Lectora Snap

You can add an attractive interaction of Raptivity to Lectora Snap! There is no gimmick in it but certainly simple guidelines to be followed. Read them and save the hue and cry.

1. Download the Shell Creator from the following link

Username: elicitus4
Password: Elicitus113

2. Extract the downloaded zip file.

3. Execute the ShellCreator.exe from the folder


4. Click on the “Browse” button present at the right hand side.

5. Select the Raptivity output (swf file).

6. Once you are done, press the “Create” button.

7. You should be prompted with the “Browse For Folder” dialog. Select the appropriate location and press “OK” to save your Shell file or

make a new folder.


8. In the folder that you have selected, you will find a file with the name “Shell.swf”. This folder will also have the Raptivity published file (.swf).

9. Rename the “Shell.swf” to <Raptivity file name>_Shell.swf
Example: If the Raptivity output file is card.swf then shell file name would be card_shell.swf

10. Open PowerPoint®, Click on the “Add-in” called “Lectora Snap”.

11. Click on the “Flash” icon.

12. Select the shell file (example card_shell.swf) and click on “Open”.

14. Save and Publish the project.

15. Open the folder in which the Shell files are present and copy the original Raptivity published file (.swf).

16. Open the Lectora Snap project publish folder and paste the original Raptivity published file (.swf).

Now ain’t that so easy. Look forward to your feedbacks. It gives us a chance to enhance Raptivity.


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