Thursday, November 24, 2011

Highlights of the Interactive Webinar on E-Learning

Last week, Team Raptivity had organized a special webinar for eLearning enthusiasts on the theme “Interactive Courses on a Shoestring BudgetInteractive Courses on a Shoestring Budget”. Key speakers : Vikas Joshi, Jim Hanlin and D J Paxton did bring in a lot of insight on the history, present trends and future challenges in developing interactive eLearning content. The webinar attracted a good number of industry professionals which made the ‘question hour’ session very interactive.

This webinar included discussions about the challenges faced by course creators, and how these could be addressed while staying within the boundaries of technology, customer requirements and shoestring budgets. Throughout the webinar, most advanced strategies, reasons for budget breakers and little-known tactics that the key speakers have implemented to equip themselves for custom changes and future challenges were discussed and showcased with the help of examples.

E-Learning is a growing phenomenon and new tools and practices keep adding to the list of an instructional designer. In such cases, a great toolkit is the right way to gear up for developing interactive and engaging eLearning course content. Information about some of the best paid and free tools were showcased. The Fancy Donut listed below gave an overview of the eLearning course design process.

E-Learning Course Design Process

The webinar also put forth new perspectives on means to face common challenges of eLearning course creation with the help of the toolkit. The toolkit would provide the best means to design eLearning courses within budgets and also allow easy and flexible customization of the course content even at later stages for the client. A case study was presented by one of the key speakers, D J Paxton on the use and flexibility of Raptivity as a tool in designing eLearning courses.

The Q&A session at the end of the webinar was very spontaneous. We all need interactivity in some form or the other. So, if you have missed this special webinar, don’t worry! We have the recording for you. To view it, click on Webinar. You can also write to us at for the Webinar Presentation.

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