Thursday, October 13, 2011

Develop HTML5 interactions with enhanced Raptivity 6.6

It’s been an exciting time for Raptivity users so far. But then, Raptivity has flexibility and this is certainly not the end. There is always room for improvement and innovation. And so…the new enhanced Raptivity 6.6, has all this and much more to offer to the users. It has brought about fantastic unparalleled features to the user for rapid creation of interactive elearning and mobile learning seamlessly. Raptivity has now scaled new benchmarks in rapid interactivity which is sure to get all the attention from its community of users. The new version 6.6 of Raptivity sports features to equip the user with creating interactions having enhanced elements management, publishing interactions in HTML and SWF formats with lots of ease. Raptivity 6.6 is inclusive of HTML5 Starter pack which enables the user to get the interactions wholesale new era hats published on iPad, iPhone and Android based mobile platforms. Simulations have been geared to greater flexibility with the inclusion of Video elements for creating more picturesque learning content. To give you a glimpse - Unique Key Features:

HTML5 publishing

Video in simulations

  • Enhanced Elements Management

Add nodeDelete & Copy Nodes

These features are definitely going to make creating and designing interactions for eLearning and mLearning an easy and endurable task for even a novice. All the unique key features will be showcased in the upcoming launch webinar on November 1st, 2011. The best way to kick start using enhanced Raptivity is to participate in Unleash the Power of Raptivity v6.6 - Launch Webinar. All your Wholesale new era queries will be answered at the end of the session. So hurry up to reserve your free seat at the Webinar. I reckon you to try it

yourself as well. Take the 14 days free trial of the fully functional HTML5 Starter pack.

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