Thursday, August 25, 2011

Creating eLearning interactions gets more Flexible

This summer has been very eventful for us. Raptivity has been completely made over and is friendlier to the user like never before. Raptivity is no more limited to its application and use. It brings unparalleled flexibility to the user for rapid creation of interactive elearning.

Raptivity is now the new dashing FlexiRaptivity, which is capable of setting novel benchmarks in rapid interactivity. The FlexiRaptivity pack sports features that equip the user with greater flexibility in designing interaction models and content customization. The user has more varied options in their application of content produced. There is definitely more to it with some interesting features in sync with today’s requirements. To give you a glimpse-

Unique Key Features:

  • Blank templates to start from scratch

Blank Template


  • Hyperlinked text to external websites

Rich Text Box

  • Interactions support Arabic language (R - L feature) and such other languages.

The Survey Quiz Interaction sample

  • Media Toolbox to add additional media such as textbox, video, image and button in interactions

Media Toolbox

  • Mobile publishing

And many more….

The list is going to get bigger and better with time. The extended features are just one array of possibilities apart from the new interactions added to the already existing prebuilt +245 interactions. Doesn’t it sound like, you got to have a look at FlexiRaptivity and try it out?

Well, if you don’t then certainly you are missing FlexiRaptivity’s unparalleled features. I reckon you to try it yourself. Take the 14 days free trial and become rapidly interactive with FlexiRaptivity Packs to start with.

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