Friday, June 17, 2011

Raptivity: 3D TurboPack

3D Turbopack benefits: Create learning interactions based on metaphors and objects

from 3D and virtual worlds.


    • 3D Cube - create an intuitive navigation for content, where the information is non-sequential.

  • 3D eBook - Present the content page-by-page where the learner gets an

    experience of actually flipping through the pages of the virtual book.

  • Panning Cards - Present a set of pictures as panning cards to make the presentation interesting and appealing!

  • Car Driving - Build a real-world journey experience in 3D form for a car driving experience.

  • Museum - Design a walk through the museum and explore pictures in each room of the museum.

  • Climb the Peak - design a real-life peak climbing experience.

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