Saturday, February 5, 2011

Complimentary Whitepaper: Raptivity makes Interactive Learning Easy

As every educator knows, the most effective way to present information so it can be understood and retained is by creating an interactive learning experience. Individuals of all ages learn best by personally interacting with the material. With interactive content, learning experiences become memorable, while drop-out levels are dramatically reduced.

Thanks to the computer, an expanding array of interactive learning opportunities is available to learners throughout the world at times that are most convenient to them. New advanced learning technologies enable content developers to insert game-based learning, exercises, scenario-based simulations, 3D virtual universes and other scenarios into their eLearning curricula.

But interactivity often comes with a serious downside. Custom content can be expensive and time consuming to produce, straining or exceeding the budgets of many learning organizations.

A new research paper by Harbinger’s Raptivity describes how it is now possible to create compelling and effective eLearning content that not only provides true interactivity, but is also affordable and easily created by individuals who have little experience in content development.

In addition, expertise required to develop interactive content often exceeds the capabilities of trainers and subject matter experts assigned to create or repurpose existing courses.

The new realities of eLearning content development are occurring as schools, universities and workforce learning organizations are striving to make learning more enjoyable for learners, and more relevant to them. Organizations today place a high priority on recruiting and retaining today's young, discerning and computer savvy individuals who have grown up playing sophisticated computer games.

Follow the Link below to obtain the complimentary copy of white paper on ‘Raptivity makes Interactive Learning Easy

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