Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Harbinger Knowledge Products

Harbinger Knowledge Products (, the innovator of award-winning products and services, is recognized as a global leader in the e-learning space.

Through several international awards we are recognized as the leader in elearning solutions, content refreshment, interactive multimedia design, content authoring, blended and game based learning solutions and publishing innovative learning products.

Harbinger serves the world’s top companies in over 40 countries since 1990 by helping them in their different learning and training initiatives.

Harbinger has developed thousands of hours of CBT, WBT, ILT by leveraging innovative instructional design approach to design and develop NextGen e-Learning content, which is interactive, engaging, social learning enabled, standards compliance, faster to deploy, easy to maintain and cost effective (

Among solutions, our unique and award winning custom interactivity building solution (CIBS) helps customers saved up to 90% of their spending on interactivity design and development (

Raptivity (, the award wining product is the world’s first rapid interactivity builder. Raptivity is the market leader in the rapid interactivity building space, developed based on Harbinger’s patent pending technology.

FlockPod (, another innovation from Harbinger is the world’s first social interaction pod that helps in on-the-spot social interaction and in-context social learning.

Elicitus (, is an award winning rapid authoring tool developed by Harbinger and is a preferred authoring tool for many customers around the world.

For more information please write to or call us at 425-605-2187



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