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mLearning – It Scares Me. Should It?

So you’re not sure if you should enter the world of mLearning. Understandable. Let’s take a look at some quick

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ways for you to be successful. An oft-asked question from newcomers to mLearning is “What types of courses should I create?” This is a great question. My answer is generally it depends. Thanks Greg!!! I want a better answer you say. One more specific. The honest truth is that every organization should really go through a mobile learning strategy session similar to what I discussed in my four part blog “Moving to Mobile – What are the Gotchas”. Continue reading

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Captivate + Raptivity = Fun, Engaging eLearning

Many instructional designers

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are always looking for new ways to add meaningful interactions to courses without adding more time and cost to an eLearning project. Using a combination of tools is a good way to do this. Here is one user who explains how she used Adobe Captivate and Raptivity to quickly create a software simulation course. Continue reading

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[Vision 2014] Summary of Interview Series with Industry Experts

2014 is here … Wishing everyone a wonderful year ahead! At the end of 2013 we launched an interview series with industry experts to understand their views and vision of what lies ahead for the eLearning industry in 2014. They have all shared some great thoughts and insights with us over the last two months; Jay Cross, Bob Little, Robert Gadd, Paul Clothier, Clark Quinn, Ann Jackson and Greg Gardener. I thought it would be interesting and worthwhile to summarize everyone’s views and present to you the essence of their collective intelligence. Following is the analysis of the two BIG questions we asked the experts. Continue reading

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New is Cool

Every year carmakers fiddle with how their cars look. Change light here, modify the slope of the hood there and presto and brand new car!“Hurry, you too

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can make heads turn as you drive down the road”……we’ve all heard that before right? Software gets overhauled every couple of years with periodic patches offered in between overhauls. Mostly, these changes are made because technology itself has made such huge leaps that the software needs to catch up. Another reason for software modifications is changing user needs. I don’t know about you, but I’m always a bit apprehensive when software gets overhauled, upgraded, or re-designed. Will it be harder? I knew how to do this already, I knew the workarounds, etc…..are you like me? Continue reading

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Raptivity 7.7 – The best of Raptivity in a Simplified form

Raptivity team today released v7.7 which is claimed as “Simplified Raptivity” with only 2 offerings – Raptivity Essential and Raptivity Suite. Let us hear from Janhavi Padture, Vice President – Strategy & Research, about this simplified Raptivity. Continue reading

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Experiencing the Tin Can API

The Experience API (xAPI) was formalized in April 2013- version 1.0. Many people still refer to it as the Tin Can API which was its development project code name – much like “Chicago” was the code name for Windows 95 during its development phase. Continue reading


Our Gift to You – A Creative Way to Use Raptivity

Happy Holidays everyone! Here’s my gift to you, a creative and fun way to use Raptivity.

Below are screen shots of a Xmas card that a Raptivity user created with the Jigsaw Puzzle (Advanced) interaction. Continue reading