Thursday, March 5, 2015

A Different Approach to Adult Learning Design

Pedagogy is how you teach children and Andragogy is how you teach adults.
So how do adults learn? And how is it different from the learning designed for children?

I recently attended a session by Rick Blunt on eLearning Guild’s online forum  (The eLearning Guild online session Interactivity vs.Interaction: Align their Simplicities and Complexities.). Rick presented a very useful diagram which stated that there are 5 characteristics, which if acknowledged, can help eLearning professionals create more meaningful learning experiences for adult learners.

Source: From presentation by Rick Blunt on Guild online forum

According to Rick, when adults start solving a problem, they tend to follow Bloom’s taxonomy. They first apply what they know, then analyze the problem and apply different techniques to resolve it.

To facilitate adult learning design, you need to keep in mind the following tips:
-  Practice makes a man perfect. Adult learners perform better when they practice frequently.
Periodical learning is the best type to retain learning, accuracy and acumen of skills.
Environmental practices that help adult learners perform their role better need to be created.
Adult learners appreciate practical knowledge than theory.
Immediate relevancy and value can help adult learners enhance their skills.
Adults do not prefer linear courses; they prefer to explore the course in a way that is meaningful to them.

I could map all these characteristics to a sample we recently created for a prospect. The sample was based around ‘The benefits of eLearning’.

Here are some things which mapped to what Rick Stated:
1)      The company was creating strategic plans for next year and the sample had an immediate value in that discussion.
2)      The sample focused on the problems the company faced for training their shop floor employees and how eLearning could help them resolve these issues.
3)      There was a relevant case study of a similar kind of company incorporated in the sample, which could help the company understand the concept easily.
4)      The sample presented relevant facts and information which could help the management take decisions easily.
5)      Considering adults tendency of being self directed, the sample allowed users to navigate to the topic of interest.

Do let me know if you have created any sample for adult learning which follows the characteristics shared above.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Managing Raptivity Interaction Displays on Multiple Devices

One of our customers approached us recently with a problem. She is a Learning Consultant and was working on building a training module for one of her clients using Raptivity interactions. The website, on which the training was supposed to sit, was responsive in design. Since the Raptivity interactions are fixed size, they were not responsive in the same way as the site. So she was wondering how to go about solving it. We guided her to use Raptivity’s multi-device utility to solve this problem.

This utility allows users to add multiple outputs (all in different sizes) of the same interaction model for different device sizes to a single package. This package can be included in your LMS or website. The package has an index page (an HTML page) which automatically detects the device and displays the interaction based on the device size. So even though the interactions are not responsively designed, based on the device, interactions can be shown in different sizes.

Did you know about this utility? If you want to try it out, write to and get your complimentary copy. Click here for more details on how this utility works. Keep watching this space for more such unexplored tricks.

Monday, December 15, 2014

A simple trick to make most of the ‘Smile Sheet’ interaction

How many of you use ‘Smile Sheet’ interaction to gather user feedback on happiness quotient?
Do you sometimes feel restricted by the emoticons to be rated?
What if you need to know the user preference in the rating range of ‘Excellent’ to ‘Poor’?
Raptivity’s Smile sheet interaction allows you to change the emoticon images for the rating only. It doesn’t allow you to change the user response based on the images selected. You would still receive fixed responses as “Very happy”, “Happy”, “Neutral”, and so on.

Recently, one of our customers pointed this out and was looking for a quick fix. We realized that this could be something bothering our other customers as well, hence thought of sharing this handy tip with everyone today.

1. Save and publish your smile sheet interaction in HTML5.
2. In the published output folder, right click and open the .html file in a notepad (Ex., if your interaction is saved as sample, then open sample.html file)
3. Search for word “Neutral”. You would find something as follows:

4. Simply change the text to the values you want. So, for example, if you like to change “Very happy” to “Excellent” it would look as follows:

5. Save the .html file (by pressing Ctrl+S) and open the output file in a browser. To see the changes, simply submit the survey and the generated output would now have your customized values.

Simple! Right?
Take advantage of this quick tip and do create your own customized Smiling Sheets. Keep watching this space for more such tricks to make the most of Raptivity.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

10 Reasons Why Raptivity is a Must Have Tool

It truly does not count if you are a professional or a beginner; thanks to Raptivity, you don’t require any programming or technical skills to wow your learners. Here are ten reasons I feel Raptivity is a must have for every learning professional.

1.    Pre-built templatesRaptivity comes with a library of 190+ pre-built templates across categories like games, simulations, brainteasers, interactive diagrams, virtual worlds and many more. These can be used to create stand-alone learning objects or can be easily embedded into your favorite tool, like PowerPoint, Articulate Storyline, Lectora, Claro, Captivate and many more.

2.    Increased flexibilityRaptivity interaction templates are very flexible, easily editable and can be customized as per your requirements.

3.    Saves time
Gone are the days when you open a tool and start building an engaging interaction from scratch. Today, Raptivity templates are proving to be a boon for eLearning professionals. Raptivity’s ultimate objective is to help you get started with the best suited interaction template in minutes.

4.    Easy tracking
Tracking with Raptivity is so effortless. All you need to do is publish the interaction with the desired tracking option, such as Tin Can, SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, AICC and JavaScript.

5.    No Programming skills required
Regardless of the training efforts you take to inculcate eLearning tools’ knowledge in your staff, often staff which is not tech savvy is left out. Raptivity comes across as a blessing. NO programming skills required at all!

6.    Makes learning interactive
Raptivity ensures that your learning material becomes very interactive and demands the learner’s involvement. Minimal browsing through the content is required since the learner will not move ahead until s(he) has performed the required activity. Raptivity helps you bind your learners throughout the course.

7.    Gives a professional look
Not all of us have a graphic designer at our reach; hence we have to depend on external help. Raptivity eases this for you with merely 3 to 4 clicks. No or minimal help from graphic designer is required to build content in Raptivity. This helps you focus on the course content rather than how to make it look good.

8.    No extra downloads required
Just a single click download is required to install Raptivity and you are all set to start working on your projects. It also provides you with a pre-built image gallery (buttons, backgrounds and characters) that can be used at no extra cost.

9.    Uniformity
Uniformity/Standardization is a crucial part of any course. Consistency in the course layout helps learners to navigate and use the course effectively. Raptivity supports global settings to standardize course: colors, fonts, sizes, and layout in merely a click.

10.Cost effective
Create effective, engaging and amazing courses— all with no dependency on programmers, easy integration with your favorite authoring tools, the vast variety of templates to choose from and support for both Flash and HTML5: Raptivity cost is definitely justified.

So what are you waiting for? Download Raptivity today and take advantage of its vast interaction library and astounding functionalities right away.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Walking down the Interactive Learning Path with Raptivity

One of the major challenges that educators face is holding learners’ attention and helping them retain information. With a tool like Raptivity, educators can bridge this gap by adding meaningful learning interactions (such as brainteasers, interactive diagrams, 3D worlds, games, simulations, assessments and much more) to their digital content.

Raptivity is one of the world’s finest interactivity building tools, and is being used worldwide to make  teaching content and training workshops more engaging, interactive and enjoyable - be it in the classroom, online or on mobile devices. Raptivity addresses the single most important goal of teachers, trainers and instructors – engaging the learners for effective education. For instance, while the student is viewing a video, the educator could easily make it more fruitful by adding a reinforcement exercise or a quick game to confirm whether the learner has understood the concept. The interactive assignments, assessments and evaluations created using Raptivity help in better evaluation results and fewer repeats.

With Raptivity, one can harness the addition of interactive learning objects to the digital teaching content while continuing to use the existing authoring environment and processes. Raptivity output can be embedded in a course or even in a PowerPoint presentation. It can also be seamlessly integrated with any standard LMS. The content published by Raptivity is industry standard, easily distributable over the Internet, CDs/DVDs and Pen drives. The content is accessible on mobile phones and tablets and does not require any proprietary plug-ins.

Listed below are some highlights and features of Raptivity, which make it suitable to be used by any educator looking to build interactive content:

  1. Raptivity provides a strong pre-built library of 190+ of rapidly-customizable interaction models. Users can customize these interactions without any programming knowledge.

  2. Raptivity interactions are mapped to various well-known instructional design theories like Bloom’s taxonomy, Kellar’s ARCS model, Gagne’s Nine Events and Experiential Learning.

  3. The output of Raptivity fits right into other eLearning tools. You can use Raptivity output with hundreds of authoring tools, LMS, LCMS, and Live Collaboration tools and web design tools. Raptivity supports SCORM, AICC and Tin Can tracking. As a part of tracking support, Raptivity provides information in the form of completion status, score and individual question responses (in case of assessments).

  4. Many Raptivity interactions provide support for Section 508 Guidelines.

  5. With support to Unicode languages, course creators can also create interactivities in non-English languages such as Spanish, French, Arabic, Turkish, Korean, etc.

  6. A sophisticated WYSWIG editor, with single click Flash and HTML5 previews, is included for customization of interactions.

  7. Raptivity output works well on various mobile devices. All Raptivity interactions can be played on all kinds of mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone and other smart phones.

  8. Raptivity’s HTML5 output works perfectly across multiple browsers including Internet Explorer 10.0 and above, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

  9. Raptivity now also allows users to link multiple interactions together and create short courses using them through its latest offering, Raptivity Linker. Raptivity Linker is currently in beta and is free to use.

With so much to offer, Raptivity is definitely one of your best bets to create outstanding educational content. You can explore through some interesting samples here.

If you are interested in exploring Raptivity, you may download the free trial here. I would love to hear your experience and feedback.